How we can help your child

Our occupational & speech therapists focus on helping your child develop the skills they need to grow into functional, independent adults.

Occupational Therapy

Below are some indicators that your child may benefit from occupational therapy:

•  Appears clumsy or awkward
•  Fidgets, fiddles or moves excessively
•  Becomes easily upset over apparently minor things
•  Appears overly distracted
•  Finds it difficult to concentrate
•  Struggles to cope with day to day tasks
•  Difficulty following multiple instructions
•  Is a picky eater
•  Has difficulty with fine motor or writing tasks
•  Does not participate in age appropriate play or social activity

Speech Therapy

Below are some indicators that your child may benefit from speech therapy:

•  Uses shorter and less complex sentences than other children their age
•  Has speech that is difficult to understand
•  Cannot accurately answer questions and follow instructions
•  Has difficulty with eating and drinking (e.g. taking a long time to chew and swallow, frequent coughing while eating)
•  Cannot speak fluently, seems to get ‘stuck’ while speaking
•  Becomes frustrated due to being unable to communicate
•  Is unable to engage in conversation with family members, teachers, and/or friends

FUNdamentals Occupational Therapy is an occupational & speech therapy service located in Byford WA. It supports children aged 3-18.

Mon – Thurs  |  8.00am -5.00pm
Fri – Sat  |  8.00am – 12.00pm
Sunday – Closed

806 South Western Hwy, Byford 6122
M: 0432 845 399
E: elaine {at}

FUNdamentals OT offers clinic-based services in a home setting. Therapists are passionate about developing the whole child through intervention and education. Parents and carers are encouraged to attend and participate in sessions.

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