Speech Therapy Interventions

Our speech therapist at FUNdamentals Occupational Therapy work with children who experience difficulty with their speech, eating or communication.

Stuttering typically begins in children before 6 years of age, and often appears after a period of typical speech and language development. A child who stutters may repeat whole words and parts of words, seem to stretch sounds out while talking, and have pauses in their speech due to words appearing to be ‘stuck’ in their mouth. Early intervention is the best way to address stuttering. We offer therapy based on the Lidcombe Program an evidence-based program for young children. For older children and adolescents, a range of strategies and therapy approaches, practised within games and conversation, can support the development of fluency.

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Speech sound development occurs throughout early childhood, with speech becoming clearer and more intelligible with age. When children have delayed or disordered speech sound development, they are difficult to understand and can frequently become frustrated because others cannot understand them. At FUNdamentals OT, we offer individualised speech sound therapy approaches, dependent on the error processes and patterns within your child’s speech.

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Expressive language development refers to the way that we express ourselves, including vocabulary, syntax (sentence structure), and oral narrative. Receptive language development refers to our comprehension, including the understanding of concepts, answering questions, and following instructions.

Difficulties in language development may present as:

•  Poor vocabulary, or reliance on non-specific language (e.g. this, that one)
•  Poor grammar
•  Word order errors within sentences
•  Inability to retell events or stories
•  Difficulty with following simple and/or multi-step instructions
•  Lack of response (e.g. saying “I don’t know”) or incorrect responses to questions

Interventions involving interactive play, games, book-sharing, and conversation can assist your child if they present with delayed expressive and/or receptive language.

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The development of reading and writing is vital in the early school years. In order to learn these skills, children require a strong foundation in sound awareness and letter-sound correspondence (matching letters and sounds).

Difficulties in pre-literacy/literacy may present as:

•  Inability to identify rhyming words
•  Difficulty with breaking words into sounds, or combining sounds to form words
•  Inability to match letters to sounds
•  Difficulty with sounding out words while reading and spelling
•  Difficulties with reading comprehension

We offer mixed intervention approaches, including both game-based and paper-based activities, in order to strengthen sound awareness and literacy skills.

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Eating and drinking are daily activities that are important in maintaining health and energy for daily activities. Your child may have difficulty with chewing and swallowing, may have a limited diet, or may show strong aversions to certain foods. At FUNdamentals OT, we offer a fun, exploratory approach to feeding, with practical strategies to support the development of safe eating and drinking.

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AAC refers to any means of communication that is used in support of, or instead of, verbal communication.

This includes Key Word Sign, low-tech communication boards, and high-tech communication devices and iPad applications. AAC can be used to support the development of both verbal communication and comprehension in children with disabilities and significant delays.

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FUNdamentals Occupational Therapy is an occupational & speech therapy service located in Byford WA. It supports children aged 3-18.

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FUNdamentals OT offers clinic-based services in a home setting. Therapists are passionate about developing the whole child through intervention and education. Parents and carers are encouraged to attend and participate in sessions.

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