Who we are available for

Therapists at FUNdamentals Occupational Therapy work with children who experience difficulty in a range of areas. These areas include:

Sensory Processing Difficulties

Children who have sensory processing difficulties may find it difficult to take in and work with the sensory information in their environment.

Some indicators include:

  • Unusual sensitivities or avoidance of sensory information
  • Looking for or seeking extra stimulation through their senses
  • Over responding to or seeking movement experiences
  • Appearing clumsy or uncoordinated
  • Having difficulty with daily routines, play or school activities

Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome

Children with a diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder or Asperger’s syndrome are able to access funding through the WA NDIS scheme.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

Attention and concentration are key components to success in school.

Children with a diagnosis of ADHD will benefit from movement-based activities and cognitive strategies to help develop strategies to attend and concentrate in school and at home.


Dysgraphia can appear as difficulties in spelling, handwriting and putting ideas on paper.

Programs targeting Fine Motor skills and Handwriting skills are key to remediating dysgraphia. An Academic literacy screening may help to identify the underlying cause of your child’s difficulties.

Developmental Delays

Children with a specific diagnosis in areas of developmental delay or other diagnosed disability are able to access funding through the WA NDIS scheme.